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    Hey guys i have a 9700 bold. running OS
    is their anyway doing a full shut off of the phone by pressing something. like if you want to restart your phone and let it load up. you have to to take out the battery and put it back in. is their anyway from the phone doing a reset . were it is full power off. from what i know from the phone when you press power off.it just shuts off and then you press a button and its back on.
    07-12-11 12:04 PM
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    You can reset the phone without taking the battery out by pressing Alt + Right Shift + Delete

    ...but you cannot 'fully' power it off without removing the battery

    There's details here on exactly what happens when you power down the device by pressing the call-end button... http://m.crackberry.com/use-red-phon...our-blackberry
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    07-12-11 12:10 PM
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    i seeeee..............
    07-12-11 02:34 PM