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    After installing a couple of games, I restarted my 9780. The "Blackberry" startup screen come on and the line reached 100% but it froze there. I have pulled the battery numerous times, and it freezes at the same point.

    I concluded that I had to reinstall the OS, so I plugged it into my computer, after downloading and installing the latest desktop software and OS. However, the desktop software wouldn't get past connecting with the device. I have tried the same on another computer, but it won't get past "Initializing Device."

    I am out of ideas. Anybody dealt with this before?
    09-10-11 11:35 PM
  2. odpm1977's Avatar
    09-11-11 01:37 AM
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    That got the job done. Thanks. I just wish that I had backed up my device more recently.
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    09-11-11 04:05 AM