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    Hello all,

    I am in dying need of some help I changed my font on my 9900 but it does not chanfe for certain things like for my FB app text and for other things like the text on my home screen for all my icons. Is there something I can do to change all text to my new font? And my phone sometimes lockes up is there a certain command I can hold down to unfreeze it when it does that? Thank you guys for all your help, you wouldn't think I have have this phone for over a year and still can't work it.
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    07-24-13 02:37 AM
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    The font on the home screen icons when you scroll over them never changes even when you change the font. That's a theme issue that I don't think can be fixed as all the themes I have used cannot change that. The font issue in the app is the app issue. Obviously it does not change when the font changes. You'd need to contact the developer, which I'm assuming you're using the bb fb app so you're out of luck on that one. As for the lock ups, see how much memory you have left - you might need to reboot the phone.
    07-24-13 06:50 AM

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