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    Also posted at hofo, but wouldnt to get your thoughts too.

    Hey guys, thought i would bring back this argument (to see if their were any new advantages or disadvantages). I have a bold and a 8900 in my possessions and one of them has to be sold. While I love the 8900 size, it feels a bit cheap (the back cover) and also has a smaller screen. I know 3G is a deciding factor and I have a question relating to that. I am not sure if my 8900's signal reader is correct but when i use both the bold and 8900 on att, the 8900 always seem to have one bar less. My question is, does 3G has a advantage in penetrating through buildings/getting a better signal in general? I know voice quality is improved but i was wondering about the signal quality.
    07-28-09 08:48 AM