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    Good morning everyone,

    This is my first ever post here, long time lurker though! I think I am finally going to get my first ever BB, after years of using other smartphones.

    I have a question regarding the Bold. Does it show Flash content on websites? For example, the content on the BBC iplayer is streamed in Flash, will it work on the Bold? I have seen another thread about YouTube and that seems a bit hit and miss.

    Also, following the reports of the Bold's slow internet browser, how have you all found it in real life?

    I currently use Opera Lite on my E70 and really don't want to use it on my next phone. I want a more "desktop" type browser experience...

    Thanks in advance for any information you can provide me with...

    08-26-08 05:13 AM
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    Well buy a iphone lol. I know I know but I have both a bold and a iphone 3G and to be honest the bold is amazing at what it does I.e internet etc, it still doesn't hold its self against the iphones multimedia capabilities. That's what the iphone does and it does it well. Iplayer doesn't work on the bold as the iphone version is specifically made for the phone.

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    08-26-08 05:33 AM
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    Good to see the BBC spending our taxpayer money on almost minorities
    08-26-08 05:45 AM
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    Back to the flash media question?

    I need to load flash and gif ad banners into an ad server web portal - I also need to check that the banners work before loading them. Of course I can do this from my work computer but being able to do it while out and about would be great.

    Can I do this on a Bold?

    Will the Bold display Flash media? - I am talking simple flash web banners under 100k in file size.

    We all know at present the iphone will not display flash media.

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    08-27-08 06:15 PM