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    Hey, first time posting on the forum with my new Bold
    1 thing I must say is that this keyboard is AWESOME! I love typing with it and already I can pick up a pace when using it, very impressed.

    Also, some may have seen me posting about my BIS dilemma earlier this week. Well I called O2 yesterday, 1 guy was just unhelpful but one guy backed up what someone on here said on one of my threads about logging into the BIS account I want to remove from my Bold on a PC and switching the device.
    BUT (there's always a but) I was googling around and found a post on another forum that said in order to switch device you'll NEED an unused BB PIN and IMEI. Now all I want to do is totally delete the BIS account or unlink it so it is on no devices. Apparently once you log on at www.o2email.co.uk there is an option to delete the account, if I did this would it resent the service book to my device automatically so the PIN is then unused?

    If anyone can support/clear up etc. anything said there it would be a huge help!

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    06-06-09 05:28 AM