1. curves2000's Avatar
    Hello all,

    Traveling in Greece at the moment using my unlocked Canadian Wind Bold 9900. Traditionally i have always used a cheap feature phone and bought prepaid minutes from a someone like Cosmote or Wind.

    I decided to bring my 9900 for BBM and email etc and everybody is having problems connecting with the internet service from what I gather. I would assume this has to do with BIS service and being on prepaid? I currently have no text or SMS messages coming or going, no BBM messages or emails. Just incoming calls as I also have a problem with my phone dialing the 1 automatically and I believe that is screwing up my calling local Greek numbers and friends back in Canada.

    Any help for this frustrated user would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance,

    08-06-13 12:16 PM
  2. Pilchard's Avatar
    Can't help much, but can tell you that text messages are not part of the BIS service, they come from the carrier. They should be arriving if you can accept calls.

    Regarding no BBM or emails, that sounds like an issue with BIS.
    08-06-13 12:24 PM
  3. goodayeh's Avatar
    This prepaid airtime also includes BIS ?
    You need it in order to receive emails and BBM.
    Did you register your device on the network ?
    08-06-13 01:22 PM

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