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    Hi, just got my BOLD in the UK on vodafone. Was supposed to come with 18 months of sat nav but doesnt seem to be there, so will be going back. All in all I love it, but I have so many questions.
    Firstly, how does it know if it is in the holster or not? That is so clever!

    When I go into the recent dialled (by pressing send without dialling anything) it says at the top "My Number: Unknown number" - how do I save my telephone number in there?

    The backlight on the keypad seems to be doing its own thing. Sometimes very bright, sometimes not on at all (all of this is when I am typing). Is there any control?

    I have wireless broadband in my house. Set up the wireless connection on my BOLD, and the bold recognises it, as it displays the network name. However, when I access the internet from the BOLD in my house, in the top right hand corner it says GPRS, I would have thought it would say WI-FI? How do I know what I am using to surf the net? Obviously, when I am in the house, I just want to use my home broadband from my BOLD.

    Think that's all for the moment, just about to try and put on my itunes music, so probably have loads of questions later.

    Thanks guys.
    09-06-08 04:04 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    The holster contains a magnet in just the right place to put your Bold into standby.

    The back-light does have a mind of it's own, it is a lot of fun trying to control it.

    The light sensor is built into the LED lens. If it is receiving enough light, it brightens the screen. If the light level is low, it dims the screen to conserve power.

    That produces some interesting effects in the evening if you are using it with a light over your shoulder. It takes about 10 seconds to react, so it almost appears random.

    When you have a Wifi connection you will see the black and white Wifi icon, but that is no guarantee the Browser is actually using Wifi.

    The only way to be sure, Connections / Mobile Network - OFF.
    09-06-08 04:17 PM
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    Hi congrats on your Bold and welcome to CB.

    First from yourBB desktop hit menu key and select show all to see if the icon for sat nav has been hidden. If it has highlight it hit menu key again and select hide, this will put it on the screen.

    For your number go to options > advanced options > sim card, hit menu key and select edit sim phone number, enter your number and save.

    As for wifi, I don't have it so I will pass on that one but there is an excellent 'how to set up wifi' thread by bmclure in the wifi forum.

    Hope that helps

    EDIT : here it is, the setting on the Bold may be a litle different though.

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    09-06-08 04:18 PM
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    Thanks to both for your replies.
    Hazysky - I don't have an option to "show all" like you suggest - does this mean that nothing is hidden?
    When I try and launch "Maps" it tells me I am not configured for BIS or BES. What does this mean? I definitely have a data plan, which I think is working, I am sure it's working. Maybe just a problem with Maps? Read quite a few people having probs with the Maps.
    Thanks again
    09-07-08 09:50 AM
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    Hi, and welcome to CB also!

    It may not be relevant to your problems, but in view of your earlier comments, I will repeat here what I have just written in another reply, namely:

    As the Bold was originally released by Vodafone on Business tariffs only, some of them have been configured on BES access (which you will only need if you intend to pick up emails etc from a company server) rather than for BIS, which is what the average consumer wants.

    A quick call to Vodafone tech support should quickly sort this one ont for you.

    Hope this helps!
    09-07-08 10:30 AM