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    1. Okay - so I've had my Bold for about 3 months now and thus far I have never see the 3G icon on my desktop at any time? I know I have been in areas where 3G should exist, but my bold doesn't register it.

    2. Is there a difference between EDGE and edge? If so - please explain.

    3. I am using the "Side-Winder" Theme on my Bold and for some reason the calendar shows three of the dates more than one time on my homescreen. Why is this happening?

    4. Is taking the Bold apart a difficult task. I don't usually take my phones apart, but I can foresee my taking this phone apart for some reason in the future.

    Just a suggestion: I think that Olympus and RIM should get together and make us waterproof and drop proof Blackberry! I know I'd buy one of 'em.

    Thanks for your time, guys!

    06-01-09 01:46 AM
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    1.) an AT&T branded Bold should automatically pick up a 3G network when you come across one since the phone is set to prioritize 3G connections over EDGE. you are probably not in a 3G area. where do you live?

    2.) EDGE means you are on your carriers EDGE network and connected to the Blackberry network. edge (lowercase) means you are connected to your carriers EDGE network but not the BB network. BBM, browser etc that require a BB data plan, wont work.

    3.) dont know, thats a good question to ask in the themes forum.

    4.) taking it apart voids your warranty. there are instructions and videos posted around on how to do it.

    PLEASE utilize the search function, since most of these questions have been covered many many times before and can yield you even more detailed answers to your questions.
    06-01-09 02:22 AM
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    Dictoresno answered the other questions very well.

    Btw, for number 4, the Bold is very simple to take apart. You don't need any foam or glue. It's just 6 screws that hold it together. Probably one of the easiest phones I've ever taken apart.
    06-01-09 02:24 AM
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    06-01-09 02:36 AM
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    Thanks so much for yoru answers. You have been very haelpful.

    06-02-09 02:02 PM
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    My Bold will not search for texts or emails that are more than a day old. Any suggestions, Im also a Mac user and I use the Missing Sync to Sync.
    07-01-09 05:12 PM