08-12-11 11:19 AM
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    I'm not stressing. I actually have a life.
    Thanks for showing how much of a ****** you are. This is a forum where obsessive people chat at. If people want to check websites daily, hourly let them. If you really have nothing productive to add to this forum please throw yourself off a bridge.

    Anywho.. i'm DYING over here! I can't wait to get my hands on anything OS7 related. I almost pulled the trigger on a cheap unlocked 9780 but it just looks way too thick. *I like my women thick but not my phones*. I will put my faith in the 9900 and hopefully RIM will improve the camera software. I love my pantech link because of the qwerty keyboard, but the 9900 will bend it over and rip it apart. And oh BTW I also check ATTs website daily, i'd like to see them get off their lazy asses and start pumping out BB devices.
    08-12-11 11:00 AM
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    I don't believe there is much AT&T can change over a month or two. Fixing whatever defect they found is about it. They won't be adding any features unless wifi hotspot comes in an OS update before then or something. What was the defect anyway? Nobody seems to be complaining.

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    08-12-11 11:05 AM
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    you have to hand it to at&t.they outsmarted the other carriers again.this is like 2008 again with all of the complain threads just pilling on here on cb.this what happens when carriers haste to release new devices.you have to be patient with these kind of things.at&t knew that this device was not ready and taking extra time to make the adjustments is just not bad an idea at all.at&t customers should be glad because you might see at&t flipping out the evof camera and putting in autofocus camera,adding wifi hotspot,and more of other goodies.so no more complaining directed towards at&t.they did the smart thing.all their new devices-i5,9900,9860,9810,9360 will be functional out of the gate and more polished.
    The 9810 is not going to be any more "complete" than the 9900 and there doesn't seem to be any delays there? The OS is more or less identical. AT&T's decision to hold the 9900 till November was a business decision made strictly to get the most out of their Torch exclusivity, and if you can't see or acknowledge that then I don't know what else to tell ya.

    If you're expecting RIM to redesign the whole phone for an autofocus camera, you're going to be in for a disappointment. The mobile hotspot feature will be carrier-enabled down the road -- the hardware is already there. I think it's getting overblown anyway (similar to the front-facing camera issue) considering 95% of people won't even use it much, much less be willing to pay for it.
    08-12-11 11:19 AM
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