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    Hopefully someone can give me a clue about this problem.

    I have had the 9700 since it first came out - my first BB and I've been very happy with it. It has performed pretty much flawlessly.

    Suddenly last night I pull it out of my pocket and see a boot screen. Okay, no big deal - something must have burped and caused a reboot.

    Then I noticed that the device seemed frozen. I tried a alt-right shift-delete and it rebooted again and then got stuck at the same point. I tried pulling the battery with the same result.

    On the boot screen the progress bar gets about 3/4 of the way across to finishing and just stops.

    I am pretty upset right now. If anyone can offer some advice I'd appreciate it. I was considering trying to hook up to BDM and maybe try an OS upgrade but I'm not even sure I can get to that point or if I should even try.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.
    04-26-10 07:40 AM
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    04-26-10 09:20 AM
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    This was great advice - it worked. A million thanks!

    In my case the procedure did not work exactly as documented, but it did work. I am a bit annoyed at having to reload all my apps, but it could be worse. Fortunately I had taken a backup just a few weeks ago and everything important was saved.
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    04-26-10 01:56 PM
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    Same thing happened to me once, it was a dead battery, so i just plugged it in and let it charge and it booted up correctly.
    04-26-10 02:07 PM