1. gotime26's Avatar
    I currently have a 9630 tour on sprint and just received my 9650 bold. I dont pay for BIS but some how have blackberry browser that works fine. Ive tried using the desktop software to do a service book transfer and it does transfer most of them but does not transfer all of them. Specifically it does not transfer over the browser service books as well as email. Is there a way someone can point me in the right direction to use a software or way to extract the service books from my 9630 so that I can put them on my 9650.
    Downloading them over the air would not be an option as I do not pay for any data services. But have noticed like I said when I have all the service books like on the 9630 the internet works perfectly and so does downloading over the air. Thanks.
    07-14-10 05:13 AM
  2. dasDestruktion's Avatar
    WEIRD! Good luck with that one mate...
    07-14-10 09:24 AM
  3. Romman's Avatar
    1. Hookup your 9630 to your PC
    2. Open your Desktop Manager
    3. Select Backup and Restore
    4. Select Advanced
    5. On the right side window select "Servicebooks"
    6. Copy it to the left side window
    7. Select "File", "Save As" and save it some where on your PC as Servicebooks
    8. Disconnect your 9630 and hookup your 9650
    9. Go Desktop manager/ Backup and Restore/ Restore and browse to the Servicebooks file you just saved.
    07-14-10 10:43 AM
  4. davincigee's Avatar
    Can anyone confirm if this actually works. I followed the steps above and I desperately need my emails, bbm, browser working. Is there something you need to do additionally to make it work. Like configure something within the engineering screen. Heelpp pleaseeeeee
    11-24-13 01:55 AM