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    I am trying to understand how the memory/storage thingy works in Blackberries. Please correct me if I am wrong:
    When I do Options->Memory, I see these values:
    Application Memory
    Free Space: 22.9MB
    Device Memory
    Total Space: 859.2MB
    Free Space: 857.1MB
    Media Card
    Total Space: 967.2MB
    Free Space: 967.1MB

    1) The Blackberry 9000 has 22.9MB free in what is equivalent to a RAM in traditional computers.
    2) My device has an additional storage of ~1MB where the OS files, addressbook, themes, default apps etc. are installed. This is given by the "Device Memory" above. After subtracting the OS files etc. from 1024MB, what is available to now is 857.1MB
    3) I have a microSD card of size 1GB (~967MB) slotted in my device. This is mostly empty.

    a) Am I correct about the above?
    b) what is the total Application Memory? Is it 128MB as I saw in some other post here?
    c) In my Camera application, the options for the location for saving pictures are Device Memory and Media Card. Will keeping it as Device Memory affect my Application Memory?
    d) Will deleting the pre-installed games help in giving me more Application Memory?
    e) On the left side of the device, right below the USB socket, there is a button. When i press this button, it says "Unable to allocate memory. Close other application and try again". With Alt+ESCAPE I see only the default apps running. And 22MB seems reasonably ok if 128MB is the RAM. So what does this button do?

    06-02-09 01:40 AM
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    Oh btw, my blackberry 9000 version is v4.6.0.216
    06-02-09 01:50 AM
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    1. this is memory for your apps. your viigo, themes etc will take up this space.
    2. this is your device memory. if you have pics and songs and you store them in your bb, they will take up this memory.
    3. self explanatory.

    a. see above
    b. yea
    c. no
    d. yea
    e. depends on how you assign this button to work with.
    06-02-09 02:12 AM