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    OK so I've had my BB Curve for about 3 weeks and i love it. everything on it is amazing, i even like the Myspace app though i have to say it is buggy as HECK!

    My problem is with the messages. i set up my mobile on my computer and i get the txts from myspace when i get new profile comments, picture comments and new messages. when i get txts about my comments, i open my app and sure as heck they ARE there! however i get txts about new messages but no matter what when ever i go to the app on my phone i have the same messages i had when i Downloaded the app, never more never less.
    I tried deleting the application and Down loading it again and all that did was update my messages ones, so again i get txts about new messages but when i look i only have the messages i had when i down loaded the app AGAIN!

    Any ideas? i can't figure this one out=/

    ~new to BB~
    07-21-09 06:18 AM
  2. MikieScene's Avatar
    so i take it no one can help=/
    07-21-09 06:26 AM