1. helloprilly's Avatar
    I've read through all the threads I could find on the forum. Even tried the workaround that was posted for the amazong kindle app and for whatever reason couldn't get kindle reader to work.

    I recently had to change devices and used to love mobipocket as it would save where I was reading and always open to that spot. However since I have had to change devices my desktop reader software does not recognize the new blackberry, it doesn't let me install the blackberry device just tells me to install desktop manager which I have. I can only get the books on to my device through my micro sd card but because it's on the card it does not allow the program to remember where I was when I last opened the book.

    I'm at my wits end as I've tried about 9 different reader programs and none let me read my own books, all require some sort of registration for an online bookstore which I do not want.

    Any advice?? Please help and sorry if this was posted in some thread that I somehow managed to miss! I was really excited about that kindle workaround but no go, it just hung up on the launch screen and when I plugged in the phone it never gave me theprompt to use USB or what not.
    04-19-13 04:55 PM
  2. Bookshelf's Avatar
    Same here. I have a Bold 9900 and would I'd be happy with almost any kind of ebook reader.
    04-19-13 08:33 PM
  3. Bookshelf's Avatar
    Go to Blackberry World.
    Download the Overdrive Media Console-
    BlackBerry World - OverDrive Media Console
    You'll be able to read ebooks in epub format.
    You can then borrow the books through over drive
    or convert DRM free books to epub using Stanza or Caliber.
    04-21-13 09:10 AM
  4. kazakoshi's Avatar
    I have mobi pocket reader on my 9900 & works great. It remembers wherer I was last or I can bookmark it. I just email or use cloud to transfer books & save them to my sd card. Are you having problem with DRM books? I have not tried DRM books with mine since most books I own are not DRM books. I will try & let you know if my mobi reader works same way with DRM books.

    Updates: DRM prc format worked with my mobi reader but Kindle azw format had to be DRM taken off & converted to mobi format to be able to use with mobi reader. Actually it was surprisingly easy
    Overdrive is ok but I like mobi reader better. With Overdrive, I have to wait quite a bit to move to next pages, at least on my bb. But mobi is instant.
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    04-23-13 10:47 AM
  5. xicoxicao's Avatar
    Hi kazakoshi .

    I've been a Mobipocket user for around 6 years

    Today I tried to load it onto my new 9790 without result, and after investigation found it has been discontinued.

    Can you send me the .cod of your version?

    04-29-13 03:16 PM

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