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    In need of expert help. My lab was trying out BlackBerry Enterprise but decided not to go that route after I'd converted my Rogers plan from BIS to BES. Now my IT guy has loaded up BlackBerry Professional Software V. From his server we can see my device (a Bold) but when I attempt Email Setup and chose BlackBerry Enterprise Server, I get one of two error messages: "Please contact your System Administrator", or "Clear Device". I've backed up 3rd party apps and used CrackMem to wipe the device and reinstall the following OS: 9000M_PBr4.6.0_rel451_PL4.0.0.223_A4.6.0.266_Vodaf one_UK.exe having dutifully deleted the Vendor.xml file. This still leaves me with a phone that remembers my BES password (with the little red dot) and has the forced security Timeout (also with the little red dot) so I guess I haven't really cleared the phone memory before OS install. Can anyone offer help on how to "Clear" the phone or otherwise revert it to "factory spec" so I can rebuild a phone I was perfectly happy with but that I am now seeing as an Albatross around my neck?
    05-20-09 12:14 AM