1. neo28340's Avatar
    So, Today i decided to go back to my old ways. I traded In my Samsung Mesmerize(US CELLULARS version of the Fascinate) and got out my BB Bold 9650. I have missed Blackberry's So much. I am so fed up with Android, and dont even use the phone for all of the functions. I have owned a few blackberry's in the past. This is the first time i have been on this BB Bold 9650, so tell me what i can do with it, i am updating it to BB 6.0 as we speak, In the way of themes and apps. Let me know what im missing.
    08-09-11 07:33 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Welcome to the addiction of your 9650.
    I do not want to sound harsh, but there are a lot of threads already posted about apps and themes for the 9650 as we have been talking about it since 2010. You really should search a bit for what you are looking for. But since you sound so excited, here is the link for the 9650 themes section:
    Go here to find any number of themes, both free and premium (paid). there are themes that are OS5 default style (with the trays) and OS5 style for OS6. Plenty of em. When you follow the link, don't just look at the first page. Keep going back. There are screen shots of almost every theme and it will help you decide which you want to use. If you know what you like, post and we will try to suggest some for you.

    As for apps, do a search for favorite apps or must-have apps and you will find listings

    Have fun.
    08-09-11 08:33 PM
  3. neo28340's Avatar
    Thank you So much. I love it alot more than i liked my 9000 and my 8330. Although i miss the red finish of the 8330 . And im loving os 6. Its so clean
    08-10-11 12:40 PM