1. jbright44's Avatar
    I'm using my 9700 (OS .743) with enterprise email and gmail with the enhanced Gmail plug in. Doing the contact sync creates 2 contact lists on the blackberry, one for Desktop and one for the gmail account which is fine by me because now I can keep business only contacts in Lotus Notes with the enterprise sync and keep person contacts only in the gmail account while having access to everything on the blackberry.

    I did some cleaning up of the contacts in Lotus notes and in gmail (web) after the initial sync and the lotus notes stuff seems to have pushed to the blackberry (it's usually pretty quick) but the gmail contacts sync is not pushing the changes back to the phone. It's been several hours now and no sync.

    Does anyone know how to force the Enhance Gmail plugin to sync?
    07-08-10 06:44 PM
  2. shansmi's Avatar
    Never seen an option for force sync'ing. I had the same issue on Y! and removed that service. BIS sync seems to be very unstable compared to BES sync.

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    07-09-10 04:09 AM