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    I have had the 9780 for about 18 months now. In that time, I have encountered the endless reboot problem at least a dozen times. I don't need advice on how to reinstall the OS. I have bookmarked previous threads about this problem on this site and know the steps almost by heart.

    I am just wondering why this keeps happening. I had it happen once on my previous Pearl 8100, and maybe twice on my Bold 9000. I had each device for two years. Why has this become almost a monthly occurrence on my 9780? I can actually pinpoint when it keeps happening. It is always during the required reboot after downloading an update of an app from RIM, like BB Messenger, or App World. Most recently, it was some update of the program to verify my BB ID.

    Most irritatingly, I had it happen again on Wednesday night. Yesterday, I reloaded the OS, then re-downloaded all of my apps, restored my texts from backup, etc. By the time I put it down to go to bed, I was back to normal, save for a few lost emails. As I slept, the device rebooted because of my recent downloads. Guess what I woke up to.

    Any ideas?
    07-13-12 09:59 AM
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    wow....must be irritating....after you reinstall the os have you tried not loading all the apps could be an app causing it try going app free for a bit then reinstall one app at a time see if you can find the culprit.....also have you tried a different os version then you currently have..... good luck
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    07-13-12 10:22 AM
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    Yeah, it is irritating. It is very random. Most times, I restore all of my apps within a day or two, and everything is fine for weeks, even a couple of months. Then, it strikes unexpectedly.

    I get an update message about BB Messenger, or App World, or some other app (always one from RIM). I update it, do the usual restart, and it happens.

    It is like Russian Roulette. Most updates download and restart just fine. I never know which one will cause this problem. It isn't any one app either, but obviously I can't refuse to update all of my RIM-authored apps.
    07-13-12 10:34 AM
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    I've had this problem many times to. I think it's just a matter of having too many apps on my phone. After removing some, I haven't had this problem in months.
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    07-13-12 10:29 PM
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    It happened a third time just after my last post. I can't confirm the exact cause, but I now have a suspicion. I re-loaded a recent backup, then used an older BB App World to re-install most of my previous apps. I rebooted, and all was fine. Then, I got the message telling me that there is a newer version of BB App World. I downloaded the update, re-booted, and bingo.

    App World updates have been a trigger for this problem in the past, so I have found my prime suspect. Now that I have restored everything for a third time in the last couple of days, I have refrained from updating BB App World and so far, so good.
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    07-14-12 12:31 PM
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    I believe that I have had the same problem as mgsoo. I had been updating apps yesterday, including BB app world and BBM. Now i'm in a circle of reboots.

    I fear I know the answer, but is there anything I can do to save any data from the device, as it has not been backed up in months.

    07-15-12 05:02 PM
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    I don't know if this is the same thing, because I just downloaded an update for Whatsapp and now it keeps rebooting, but it doesn't go through the whole reboot process it gets to about 75% then it reboots again, this looks to me like a big problem, cus I'm not sure how I can do anything if it doesn't get past that boot
    07-16-12 12:55 PM
  8. keysteele's Avatar
    Is there anyway to wipe the phone?
    07-16-12 01:15 PM
  9. carullo's Avatar
    Is there anyway to wipe the phone?
    try booting into safe mode then remove the app.....pull out battery for about ten seconds then reinsert battery ..press escape key until you see safe mode notification pop up on the screen ....remove the app and reboot normal..............good luck
    07-17-12 02:23 PM
  10. keysteele's Avatar
    There's a safe mode?? i wish I knew this before, it took so long for a response. I couldn't wait i had to take it in to my carrier, but its good to know now in case it happens again. Thanks!!!
    07-17-12 09:19 PM
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    I've had the reboot loop issue before when upgrading apps. 90% of the time I can fix it with pulling the battery and running loader.exe to remove the offeding app, without wiping the entire phone.
    07-17-12 09:41 PM
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    I wish I had known that I could use loader.exe to just remove the offending app. I've used it to do a full wipe each time. Next time (I know that there will be one), I will give that a try.
    07-18-12 12:09 AM
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    Yep happened to me this night and WhatsApp messenger is the culprit. Didn't replace libraries it should've replaced so had to restore my phone.
    07-19-12 06:49 PM
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    I recently installed Latest BBM and when the device restarted for applying the effects, the reboot cycle keeps on going.. when i tried to search online the way around it..i came across this article..can you help me?
    11-28-13 07:51 AM
  15. bloodyrek's Avatar
    I recently installed Latest BBM and when the device restarted for applying the effects, the reboot cycle keeps on going.. when i tried to search online the way around it..i came across this article..can you help me?
    What OS version are you on ? (If you remember? Be specific!)


    Are you sure it was after the latest BBM install?

    Did you install any other app before installing the latest BBM?
    11-28-13 08:16 PM