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    I installed Empower BES on my Bold (OS .266).

    Previously I just had my Yahoo icon and the standard 'Messages' icon.

    After installing it, you get a third email/message icon wich is supposed to be strictly BES.

    If I get a work email (BES) the empower icon lights up like it's supposed to. If I click on the icon, i only see my work emails. Great!

    However, if I click on my Yahoo icon and check those messages then go back and click on my Empower icon, it pulls up my Yahoo messages again!

    The only way, I can get the empower icon to show my work emails again is to go into the general 'messages' icon, or if I get a new work email. But it's not seperating my Yahoo emails and my work emails like it should.

    Anyone else have this problem? Know the solution?


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