1. jimmylee1974's Avatar
    hi guys,

    I am jimmy from singapore. was in the queue to buy a 9700 at Singtel, and the guys there say I HAVE TO BUY the BIS if i need to recieve emails on my phone.

    I am not talking about pushmail, i dont need that. on my E72, I can just connect anytime i want to recieve and send emails (not pushmail). all these with just a regular data plan.

    Can the BB9700 do that without the Blackberry service?

    i have been wanting to get the 9700, but i dont need the mails to be pushed to me, so am not willing to pay monthly subs for the extra service.
    05-31-10 05:39 AM
  2. intheb0x's Avatar
    i use my 9700 without bis, i got data and email, just not BIS services

    i get push email through GMAIL APP.

    check it out.
    05-31-10 05:40 AM
  3. Tinyk's Avatar
    It is possible by using something like Logicmail but without adding bis you will also have no bb browser no bbmessenger and no bbmaps but if none of them matter just make sure your apn settings are correct in options, make sure you have some type of data bundle else it will be even more expensive.

    I find in the uk the normal price for bis is 5 per month, most networls charge that for data alone.

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    05-31-10 05:47 AM
  4. jimmylee1974's Avatar
    so...can i say it can be setup like an e72, and synchronise my mail on a need basis?

    I already have a 10GB data plan in place, thats why the BIS is of no use to me , or so i though
    05-31-10 06:05 AM