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    Back in the days like 2 months ago, I added all my email addresses onto blackberry, like 5 of them. Then I think i saw an option of password protecting the email settings. So I set a username and password. Now today, I wanted to delete an email address, so I went in my settings and opened "email settings" and it showed me a username and password field. When I tried entering the username and password, it got rejected. I am 100% sure i did NOT enter it wrong. Anyways I tried bunch of attempts but had no success. Then, I clicked on forgot password and entered my username, and it showed up a message like "your password has been successfully sent to your device" but I got nothing Also, I noticed that no matter what random numbers or gibberish I enter in username, it always shows the same message that your pass word has been sent to your device.

    Now, interesting thing is, I used jl_cmder to fully wipe it clean hoping that I can setup my emails fresh, but guess what - username and password fields are still there. I backed up my contacts with google sync because that's the only thing I need, so I fully wiped the device, installed a NEW OS (upgraded) on a new computer without backing up anything, but still I cannot go into email setting.

    Also, I am 100% sure that all emails are still linked on the blackberry because i tried sending an email to my linked email address and it shows up on the phone. WEIRD! How can that be possible if I fully wiped the phone? In that case, I am thinking that email settings are stored on carriers database or something...

    So basically how do I fix it? Is it a blackberry issue? Or everything is store on carrier's database? I am not sure. Please help!
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    All email settings (login info, password, etc) for Blackberry devices are stored on RIM's servers. RIM basically logs in to your accts (say gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc) and pushes new messages to your device.

    I'm not familiar with your exact issue, but it sounds like your issue is Network related. Have you logged in to your Carrier's BIS site?

    I would also try giving Rogers a call, and speak to a BB Support technician. They should be able to check on your BB Pin and email accts, or at the very least, conference in RIM Support if necessary.
    06-25-10 12:29 PM
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    Sounds like you can't remember your network's BIS password. Just call them and they'll help you by re-setting it for yo

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