1. docchizz's Avatar
    Hey CB,

    I just upgraded from my trusty bold 9000 to the 9900 and it's pretty sweet so far. Can anybody help me with something.

    I have 2 hotmail accounts that I use with my berry. In the past when I would get an email, I would see the red star on the icon for that email account. Then I could go into that icon and see emails associated with that account only.

    Now that I am on the 9900. When I get an email. The messages icon on the top of the home screen has the star showing a new message is waiting. I can click on it to view messages, but there is no star on the individual account email icon. Further, when I click on my email icon, the new message is not in that history for me to browse.

    I have a work and personal email so it's nice to be able to segregate the two and go through the history of the messages.

    Funny enough, the restore backup put the old messages that were there in the icon, but nothing new is going in.....

    08-11-11 12:10 PM
  2. ekk's Avatar
    I had the same problem this morning with my new 9930. Searched all over for a setting to change and couldn't find anything. Finally just rebooted the phone and that did the trick!
    08-16-11 12:13 PM
  3. pinkvikchick's Avatar
    i have this problem. I have the notification, I go to that email, the star disapears but I still have it on the home screen, reset, comes back, now it's on homescreen and on the email folder......I'm not a NEW bb user, I checked everywhere, saved messages, hidden, grouped, soft reset, battery pull, praying, pressed "U" and it even says no unread messages. Completely at a loss....it just won't go away.
    09-06-11 12:15 PM