1. bored's Avatar
    Arriving home yesterday I started wondering, if I'm, for example, connected to Windows Live Messenger via EDGE outside of a wifi network, and I join one (my home net for instance), would the data transfers switch over to wifi or keep working over EDGE?

    One would figure the EDGE connection would stay on, because of the different IPs the phone would assume (no idea if they can be switched without disconnecting from WLM or other networks the same way).

    Any ideas?
    09-18-08 10:39 AM
  2. bmcclure937's Avatar
    I am not even sure if WLM supports WiFi as a primary connection... therefore, the connection would always have to be on EDGE.

    Either way, I think the app will use EDGE over WiFi in this instance.

    I know JiveTalk has a setting for WiFi preferred and will switch automatically, but most apps don't do this
    09-18-08 10:46 AM