1. hanexs's Avatar
    Hi my earpiece stopped working, and I am starting to think its a software issue, wondering if anyone can confirm.

    What happened is:

    My screen broke, and it took a while for me to replace it, I got the wrong screen at first, and my backplate was missing a screw for a while so there was a very slight opening near the piece, but everything worked fine.

    When I replqaced the screen, I noticed it stopped working. Speaker phone, and everything else works fine.

    So I replaced the earpiece, no dice, still not working, brushed the contact points, still not working. Fiddled with it a bit, but it doesnt wanna work. Super weird cause everything else works fine.

    What I am thinking is one of two things happened:

    1 - my motherboard fried, this would be odd because it would only be the earpiece portion, is this likely?

    2 - because my backplate had some play, and its a preassure fit, maybe it thru some switch on the OS and now the OS isnt even trying to run my earpiece audio. Im thinking when I get the new backplate in I will format and hope for the best.

    What do you think? Anyone have recommendations for me to try?
    05-20-13 04:24 PM
  2. hanexs's Avatar
    Nothing? Ahhhhh. Well maybe I can rephrase the question, how many people think I am fooling myself and its really the board that fryed?

    Its so frigging frustrating cause I have changed the earpiece so many times, but I cant see how two simple contacts on the board could go.

    Maybe this is a sign that the Q10 is beckoning me to move on lol
    05-21-13 04:06 PM

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