1. jgoldband's Avatar
    I just got my new 9700. I am with Rogers in Toronto and have an @rogers.com email address. I believe it is part of the Yahoo network for email.

    In my settings on the Rogers site where I set up the email I clicked on the check box to have my mail sync between my bold and my Rogers mail. What I am referring to is that once I check my mail on my Bold or on my webmail it shows up as read on either the Bold or on the webmail.

    Once I made the switch from my 8310 it no longer does this. I am constantly opening and closing emails on my bold after I check them on webmail.

    Any suggestions??
    06-18-10 10:31 PM
  2. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    The emails will sync, but I have noticed that reading on the computer and waiting for the device to catch up can take quite a while, however doing the opposite is much faster. This is very odd, but the results I, along with others, have seen. Hopefully in our next BIS upgrade we will get faster sync times, we can hope
    06-18-10 10:36 PM