1. pshutton's Avatar

    I have read around some of the duplicate email issues with BB, but couldnt find anything to resolve my current woes.

    I have a BB Bold and .162 firmware and am setup for BIS at work in which we have an exchange 2007 server. What I am find quite odd is that after i have read an email on my phone and respond to it later using my PC, I recieve a duplicate copy which is very odd. The same behaviour happens if i read an email on my phone and then the same email on my phone I get a sent a duplicate.

    Anyway to resolve this?
    06-10-09 03:13 AM
  2. tazziedevil's Avatar
    i'll trade you problems. I'm trying to get a duplicate sent to my berry!
    06-10-09 03:42 AM
  3. aptech's Avatar
    i get them only when moving junk mail into my inbox. still better than not getting it i suppose
    06-10-09 02:04 PM