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    I have been searching and searching for someone with this issue. A client has a BB that is receiving e-mails from his e-mail exchange server. There is not BES or BIS it is set up as an IMAP. E-Mail "A" arrives to his BB & Outlook (as it should) then along comes e-mail "B", which is an exact duplicate e-mail. It is not set to auto BCC to his e-mail address. I did a battery pull. The dupe usually arrives about 1 minute after the original.

    Please HELP!!!
    08-19-11 09:37 AM
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    Oh, dunno if this is necessary, but he is on the Sprint Network.
    08-19-11 09:38 AM
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    Well, either you have BIS (carrier blackberry data plan) or BES/BESx managing your blackberry via either you or an IT.

    Try removing and re-adding the blackberry to outlook or exchange. I don't use those services, so all I can suggest is what I told you.

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    08-19-11 03:58 PM
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    Checked the BIS, there are no settings for auto fwd etc. I removed the exchange e-mail from the phone and reinstalled it, but that didnt work either. Last resort...back up the phone, set it to factory default and reinstall the back up data.
    08-25-11 09:16 AM
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    In Exchange, make sure the user has NO forwarding setup. The BES will forward the email to the device and if the Exchange account is set yo forward then it will send a copy of the email as well. Voila, duplicates.
    08-25-11 10:20 AM