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    Is anyone using dropbox app on 9780? I've been using it on android,and it's been great. But I was disappointed by dropbox for blackberry!

    When I open the app it starts loading files, but it never finishes unless I'm connected to wifi!

    And I've noticed another bug- on a fresh bootup, the icon on the homescreen for the Dropbox application is a "normal resolution" version. However, as soon as I run Dropbox, its homescreen icon changes to a low resolution version(it gets pixelated). If I reboot my BlackBerry, the normal resolution icon comes back to the homescreen until I run Dropbox again.

    Does anyone have any idea why is that happening??
    07-30-11 04:02 AM
  2. brown-berry333's Avatar
    Can someone please help me?
    I really need the dropbox app.
    07-31-11 09:35 AM
  3. mikeplus1's Avatar
    I use the DropBox app that is intergrated with FileScout, really cool app.

    FileScout - the complete file, text, zip, and image manager on CrackBerry App Superstore

    And it's on sale for 29% off right now!
    07-31-11 09:47 AM
  4. greggebhardt's Avatar
    Dropbox worked perfectly for me on my 9780 and for 4 other employees in the field.
    07-31-11 01:02 PM
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    @mikeplus1 I can't buy apps from app world in my country and I can't get a mastercard (or any other way to pay) yet. I'll check out the FileScout anyway. Thanks for reply.

    @greggebhardt Which OS do you have on your 9780? Mine is running v6.0.0.294. Dropbox app works only when I'm connected to wifi.
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    07-31-11 05:38 PM
  6. mikeplus1's Avatar
    @brown-berry, I don't really like buying from AppWorld, but the link is actually for CrackBerry's App Store and you can get directly from emacberry at: emacberry.com Software for BlackBerry® Devices with OS 4.2.1 or higher or at MobiHand.com. It is well worth the full price of the app, but a great bargain when it is on sale. Sorry, can't help you with the credit card part, lol.
    07-31-11 06:14 PM
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    You need a credit card to buy apps, and I can't get one, because I'm not 18 yet.
    08-01-11 12:32 PM