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    Ok so, first off I try and download a vid from a site like let's say and it just fails out. Also if anyone has any help. I can't get my bb to go to it just say error. ive tryed all the resend service books and thing like that. I'm running os 6 on bold 9650 from vzw. makes me wana switch back to my good palm centro.
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    Are you running the latest version of OS6? Try doing a battery pull and downloading over wi-fi
    08-01-11 03:10 PM
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    OP, you have issues, but they aren't the BlackBerry, or it's OS. If you want to peruse those site, keep it to yourself. They're flash, and not going to work on a BlackBerry browser. I'd suggest you get a PC, or video rental card for that.

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    08-01-11 03:42 PM