1. tarasov's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    Thanks for all the help I've been getting from you over the last few days. I finally got registered on the network today so I've been using email and stuff but I realised that, perhaps unwittingly, I did something which created two Messages folders. I have the one that was always there and now I have one with a small browser sphere in front of it that's called myusername@gmail.com. What's strange is that they both receive the gmail emails! I'd just hide it but it still flashes if I have a new message, so is there anything to do or is this normal?
    10-14-09 06:55 PM
  2. Giant's Avatar
    You have a messages folder, as well as a box for each individual email address as well. If you had 3 email address set up on your bold you would have 4 - three email boxes, and one messages folder. You can just hide the email folder, and keep the messages.
    10-14-09 07:40 PM
  3. BDBOLD's Avatar
    The one without the sphere is your general messages folder. Sms, mms, bbm, email, visual voicemail and any other message will show in this folder. You can either hide it or hide the rest and use it as your main message folder. Either way the messages will always land it in but if its hidden, once you delete an item in the other folders it will be delete in this folder as well
    10-14-09 08:07 PM