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    This is my first post to this forum, so please be gentle with me

    I've switched from a BB 8820 to this BB 9780 and used the BB Desktop software to transfer all data from one device to the other. I did this, before I was activated on the BES server. I'm not sure what I did in the days after that or when this exactly happened, but suddenly I found multiple entries in my address book of the same contact.

    After using the search on this forum, I found out this could be an issue due to wireless sync being activated and multiple address books being created in the BB. I checked BB and found indeed two address books, being:

    1. Desktop (with 825 entries and the option for wireless sync turned off)

    2. Desktop (with 707 entries and no option for wireless sync at all)

    What I think I should do, is backup my address books, delete one of them and then place my contacts in Outlook and wireless sync everything back again. However, I can only backup Desktop address book 1 via BB Desktop Software. The second address book does not appear.

    This would not be an issue if the 707 entries from BB desktop 2 are not important, but it seems as if the desktop 1 address book contains very old phone numbers and might be an old backup in my Outlook that has been wireless synced. This could be the case, as I never used Outlook or wireless syncing with my old BB and only used it once for backup, probably. That would mean I could delete Desktop 1, but it seems that all the contacts that I have added in the past 2 months, have ended up in this address book, so I will need to sync both address books by hand probably. If I can get an Excel extract I could probably do this just fine, as I'm pretty good with Excel.

    I also tried to type Alt+CNFG while I was in the enterprise activation menu to disable wireless and enable it again, but that didn't work either. It only showed one Desktop address book (probably the wrong one).

    Besides that, I know I can type RSET while I'm on one of the desktop address books, to delete all contacts in that. But I first need to make a backup. How can this be done?
    08-10-11 03:20 AM
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    As your on a BES, your address book will or should match your Exchange account contact list. There is no easy way of deleting the second address book. Unfortunately you will probably (99% chance) have to secure wipre your device and activate on the BES to geta correct address list.
    08-10-11 07:31 AM
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    Yes, the best possible recourse at this point in time would be to ensure that ALL the contacts needed are synced up on the Exchange (Outlook) if not manually sync them up to outlook. Once that is done contact your IT support and get a new activation password. Security wipe the device you have and activate it Over the Air. Activation should commence properly and the issue would be fixed.
    08-10-11 07:35 AM
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    OK, I'm clear on how I need to delete the second Desktop address book, but not on how to get the contacts out first. It seems that it all went wrong in the initial setup:

    When I got the BB, I first used Blackberry Desktop Software to copy everything automatically to my new BB. This probably copied the 707 contacts. After that, I activated the device on BES and it wirelessly connected to my Outlook and copied 825 entries which were in my Outlook. However, these were old and therefore not correct anymore.

    So Desktop 1 communicates perfectly with Outlook, but is the wrong one. And Desktop 2 cannot communicate with Outlook or be backup-ed. The only way to do this probably, is to delete the IT policy, copy the contacts to Outlook, wipe the device and let it reload with the correct address book in Outlook.

    The issue is: I work for a very large enterprise and they will not allow to delete te IT Policy even for 5 minutes. There must be some kind of work around to get the data of the 707 contacts off the device and onto my PC.

    So the wiping is clear, but the step before this, not.

    Any ideas?
    08-10-11 08:27 AM
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    seems to be difficult, looking at the responses.

    I now tried the following: I used Magic Berry to open the IPD file which I had used during the tranfer from my old BB to this one, to extract all 707 contacts to Excel and synced these in Excel with the 825 contacts. After finishing this labor intense exersize, I imported the contacts into my contacts in Outlook.

    Now I have wiped the BB and re-activated it, activated wireless sync. After a while, the BB showed contacts again, but these were again the old one's from the 825 contacts and were again mentioned multiple times (total now 1738). Some of the contacts in BB are not in my Outlook contacts.

    With what could the BB be syncing, as it was completely wiped and could not have generated these contacts by itself.

    Please help out here, if you know what could be causing this.
    08-12-11 04:39 AM
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    Another update: I found 2 address books in Outlook settings, when going to File > Info > Account Settings > Address Books. One was the original Outlook address book and the other an address book for mobile devices. I deleted the mobile devices address book and deleted all the contacts on the BB with RSET (wireless sync off) and deleted all the contacts in Outlook, as these were poluted with the BB duplicate contacts again.

    Now I've imported the contacts in Outlook again and activated wireless sync again, but no contacts appear in my BB anymore.

    Gettting pretty frustrated....
    08-12-11 05:17 AM
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    You need to delete the complete BES account, make sure that there are no more address books in Outlook (just one main one), wipe the device again. That solved it in the end.
    08-12-11 12:00 PM