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    I think i figured out my ringtone issue and it seems to be caused by having an IT policy that enforces encryption which appears to cause a failure of OS loads (by not loading all the media files) - this is being researched by RIM but we have no official response back yet.. So my thought is to wipe the policy, and return the device back to factory condition, then load up the latest OS, then connect back up to BES

    12-26-08 12:36 AM
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    It would be easier to get your IT dept to turn off encryption long enough for you to load the Media files.

    Here is the definitive procedure for removing IT Policies: http://forums.crackberry.com/f2/remo...y-phone-81401/

    As you can see from the procedure, you can use JL_Cmder or CrackUtil to remove the policy, as long as you are running OS4.3 or later. That should be the case for a 9000. However, you can't remove an IT policy without the IT department knowing it, and if you remove it while not connected to the Enterprise, you can't reactivate on the Enterprise without getting the IT dept to give you a new one-time password. It would be much better to get them to temporarily allow you do make the install, if they will.
    12-26-08 12:45 AM
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    yeah, it's not that easy - we can autogenerate our activation keys and the problem with the IT policy is that it appears to cause some issues with OS upgrades, it's taken me 3 days to figure out what was going on - and believe me when i tell you getting the IT company to disable my IT policy in a company that has almost 100k employees requires an act of congress - i don't care if they know, i can easily explain my behavior, but getting them to create a policy just for me or getting them to push down a null policy could literally take weeks, or maybe never happen at all...

    so far i've removed the sim, and then did a factory reset via JL and so far so good - going to do the OS upgrade prior to reactivating... in fact going to do it with the SIM removed.

    12-26-08 01:09 AM
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    Even if you used JL_Cmder for the policy, you might want to use CrackMem for the OS upgrade. Also, you need to be sure the OS you're installing is supported by your BES. My employer uses an old BES that doesn't support the advanced features of OS 4.5.

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    12-26-08 01:14 AM
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    well considering that it supports other bolds and is a new install I'm pretty sure going from .167 to .216 should be fine - but yes, I did use crackmem to remove vendor stuff and a bunch of other crap i didn't need.

    12-26-08 01:16 AM
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    Yeah, that should be fine. Make a post when you're done and let us know how it works out.

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    12-26-08 01:20 AM
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    I apologize for bumping this and also in the wrong forum, but I am having an issue wiping an IT security policy for a coworker that would like to give her personal AT&T 8310 that was on our company BES to someone.

    I've successfully wiped the device and reloaded the Firmware on the device, but it seems that the IT policy is being backed up somewhere as it is being restored on the device when it is back up and running.

    First sign is that the password is enabled and when checking the security policy the company policy is still there.

    The firmware on the device is (Platform

    Any help anyone could provide would be great.
    02-15-10 11:48 AM
  8. mofoahh's Avatar
    I think BBSAK has an IT policy removal option.
    02-15-10 11:53 AM
  9. Winston S.'s Avatar

    Thanks very much for the tip. After days of trying to register at rimgeeks.com I was finally able to register and download the program and it worked. I also realized that you don't need to register at rimgeeks.com there is a mirror with the program available for download elsewhere.

    For anyone that tries to register at rimgeeks.com your password has to have both letters and numbers. The one problem with registering at rimgeeks.com is if there is something wrong with your registration it just bounces you back to the same page and does not indicate what the problem is.

    BBSAK successfully removed the IT policy in a jiffy. This was with version 1.7.
    02-26-10 01:11 AM
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    I'm having this problem of removing IT policy from my blackberry 9810 i bought off ebay.

    I have used BBSAK and JL_CMDER to wipe / reset to factory setting, and even loaded back a new OS. still the IT policy is still in place, i don't know what to do anymore.

    Any help will be appreciated
    08-27-13 06:52 AM
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    Download and install BB DM Software - Not Link
    Download your phones carrier software and install ( I will assume Windows XP/7)

    When you have installed and rebooted, connect your device and allow it to be installed.

    Open a Command Prompt, goto the following directory;
    "C:\Program Files\Common Files\ Research In Motion\Apploader\"

    Execute the follow command;

    "loader.exe /resettofactory"

    The device may or may not prompt for password, fill it in with random text if that is the case.

    When the device reboots after the command has completed, do it again (First time is to clear data and reset with IT policy, second time will remove the IT policy and reset the device to factory).

    I use this method on a daily basis for the devices I control when they have been returned from the field.

    Hope this helps!
    08-27-13 09:57 AM
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    .....I have used BBSAK and JL_CMDER to wipe / reset to factory setting, and even loaded back a new OS. still the IT policy is still in place......
    You can remove from BBSAK , find a module name ' net_rim_bb_itpolicyviewer.cod ' ,and delete that
    08-28-13 05:07 PM