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    so as the title says, does anyone of u who had 9900/9930 ever used BBSAK on the current model? I'm not sure if it was a user error..but whenever I plugged in my BB to my laptop, BBSAK seems not to recognized my phone.

    Also, if there is a need to wipe my OS 7, are there any alternatives for BBSAK?

    09-08-11 07:37 AM
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    09-08-11 07:44 AM
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    fortunately the DM does detect my phone. Alright, i'll give bb hybrid tool a try. Thanks folks!
    09-08-11 07:47 AM
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    BBSak works for me, all I use it for though is wipe device and remove/install cods.

    As for the detection problem, I've had this ever since.. DM 6, fire up task manage and kill RIM's process, I'm at work right now and can't remember the exact names.. BBDev.. Something and RIM... Something. I think... I'll update this post in approx 45 mins with the exact names.

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    Rim.DesktopHelper.exe (may or may not be running)

    do you need to kill every single one? dunno.... but it hasn't hurt me yet to kill 'em all.
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    09-08-11 08:28 AM
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    Worked for me.

    The picture doesn't show correctly and whatever the guy up there said doesn't work probably doesnt work either.
    09-08-11 08:56 AM