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    Hi Everyone,

    Our company are some of the last of the dying breed of people who still uses original Blackberry BBOS Bold devices (for their high volume professional messaging with trackpad/mouse for important writing/editing/revising/proofreading, devices are also very durable with easily replaceable parts, and the calendar is also very friendly for high-volume booking, scheduling, & dispatching -- all things none of the BB10, and android blackberry devices ever provided in nearly as effective way) - as much as these devices have helped us grow every year for the last 9+ years, the Microsoft Exchange 2010 that underlies Blackberry's is losing support come yesterday 10/24/2020 and plays an important role in the traffic of information - we intend to have a special server built and serviced but the critical component we need is the BES5 server software -- does anyone by chance have this available (like a genius who archived all the software perhaps?)? If so, please let us know.

    Best Regards,

    Luke B.
    10-26-20 12:15 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Sadly these would require both your Carrier and BlackBerry to support it. While BES5 is mostly good till 2022, many are finding setting it up and activation to be tricky.

    There is a UEM section here where BES Administrators use to hang out.... but not many around these days.

    But BES requires licensing, so you might as well contact BlackBerry - newer version of BES or what's now BlackBerry Secure UEM, will support BBOS devices.

    If your talking about the "free" BESX... it no longer works. Both Carrier's and BlackBerry have stopped supporting it - a server alone isn't going to help up.
    10-26-20 09:40 AM

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