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    I had been waiting all week to go to my Verizon store to play with the Bold. I was all happy when I pulled up and saw balloons and everything...got inside and asked them if they had the new Bold, to which they responded "Sure.." They took me all the way to the very back of the store (turns out the balloons were for some droid product) and just pointed at the device like 'there it is' ...no assistance or anything. I played around with it and was very impressed but I asked the sales rep to help me and they didn't know how to do anything on the phone o_o ...I went to the browser and pinched to zoom in to read something and they were like "I didn't know the bolds could even do that..."

    It was just a very disappointing experience...it felt like the device was an after thought...

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    08-27-11 11:10 PM
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    wow... that's lame. I had a completely opposite experneice at my local rogers store.

    I went to check out the bold, and they told me they were sold out and would be getting new stock on wednesday next week. The sales person said the demand was the highest he's seen for bb's in a long time... then he whips out his own bold 9900 and fiddles with his bbm.
    08-27-11 11:42 PM
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    My experience was a little similar to the OP's, the demo phones were in the back of the store and the guy that handled the customer/prospect registration didn't even know if they had the 9930 in stock, he had to call somebody.

    All in all, it was sad to see how much Verizon is not supporting this phone, with so much potential as being the best Blackberry ever made...
    I hope the 9900 is handled a little better by the Marketing depts of ATT and Tmo.
    08-27-11 11:50 PM
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    Verizon loves their Droids, especially since they're the only 4G phones at the moment and Verizon is ALL about their network. And just look at their Hollywood-esque epic Droid commercials with bionic robots, dramatic music, etc. The average consumer loves that; they love the "cool" factor of it all. They sell, very very well.

    On the other hand, BlackBerry finally came out with a compelling lineup that can actually compete with some of these Droids (and iPhone). Yes they're a little late and non-4G but they're here now and hopefully the average Joe and Jane will want an OS7 device. Not to mention there's rumors that Verizon IS doing an advertising campaign for the OS7 lineup - but probably won't be pushed until the Torch is released as well.

    But I think once a BlackBerry QNX-based LTE device comes out (along with WP, iOS) they're probably not going to care what they sell... as long as they sell a 4G device with a data plan w/ a 2 year contract.
    08-28-11 12:06 AM
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    I walked into a verizon store to play with one and they didn't even have a demo model. Consider yourself lucky! Lol

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    08-28-11 12:08 AM