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    i'll still want to use other data features eg maps/www etc but don't need any emails coming through. how can emails be stopped while away?
    10-16-11 05:49 AM
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    You haven't supplied enough information to get a proper answer.

    What type of e-mail account are you connecting to, BIS or BES?
    10-16-11 06:11 AM
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    using 3 googlemail accounts on BIS
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    10-16-11 06:13 AM
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    ok - yes you can and here's how...

    Go into your e-mail setup and add a filter, or as many as you need. You can then use the setting in the filters which would either allow or NOT allow mail to redirect to the device if the mail doesn't pass the filter criteria you have set up. Turn the "forward to device feature" on or off as you wish in order to stop or start mail delivery to the device. That will either work.

    Another way, which is pretty simple should you have an issue with setting up filters, is to simply delete the BIS account and then set it up again on your return. Mail will still be received but not forwarded to the device in both cases, but won't fully propagate to the device upon reactivation in any case. There may be other ways to temporarily disable the mail, but these methods do work.
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    10-16-11 06:26 AM
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    yes i think it is just as easy to delete the 3 accounts on the device and then set up again on my return rather than faff about with filters. only takes a couple of mins. cheers
    10-16-11 06:42 AM