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    Where it concerns upgrading that is.

    My first smartphone was a Bold 9700 and I was mightily impressed. Email, texts, a camera delivering acceptable (for me) quality, wifi, calendar, bluetooth, etc.- wow! The clouds parted, the sun shone and the angels sang.

    Next came my present phone, a Bold 9900, and, again, RIM delivered on expectations. This time I was familiar with the capabilities of BBs so the experience wasn't so much a revelation as an enhancement. That was as it should be.

    As appealing as the iPhone and myriad Android devices are I've stayed with BBs not because of any sense of loyalty, though I'm a Canuck and am definitely rooting for RIM/BB's resurgence, but for its outstanding messaging abilities. The 9900 is just a superb message machine and I don't need a choice of a dozen Fart apps to sell me on a device.

    I suppose I fall under the category of casual user, that is, the Bold is not required for work. Sure, it regularly serves as my access to online and stored media, streams tunes through my stereo, times my boiled eggs and snaps memories and though I'm rarely without it I'm not addicted–when I'm engaged I ignore it or turn it off. Oh yeah, I use the Bold as a phone too.

    Which brings us to the here and now. A tech junkie friend, who's run through a gamut of various BBs, iPhones and Androids, after demonstrating his new Z10–yes, it's impressive–observed that as mobile technology matures each iteration delivers less of a punch. The myriad mobile devices on the market have shifted from the revolutionary to the evolutionary phase, an indication that the average device can already do so much so well. Compared to a few short years ago anyway.

    It parallels the development of PCs: I suspect few here would entertain upgrading their PC every year or two, like their phones, because their current computer does what's required satisfactorily. Of course, if their home computer was deemed a status symbol or fashion statement as some mobile devices that reasoning is null.

    We each have different criteria in determining where our personal threshold of diminishing returns is; I think mine has arrived. I'll put off hopping on the BB 10 bandwagon until I've travelled a few more miles with my 9900.

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    I have never been one to run with the "hip crowd" or buy what was new for the sake of buying what was new. I have always based my purchases on a need. If I didn't have a gaggle of employees screaming in my ear for the new Z10 and Q10 I'd be happy with my Bold 9700 (upgraded to OS 6). Some scream for Android or iPhone but that's not allowed on the company network. They can buy their own.

    That was my thinking a few months back. Right now I am kind of caught up in the excitement that is the new BlackBerry. I can't wait to get my hands on these new units. I have already commissioned BES 10 in advance. We're patiently waiting.
    03-09-13 12:06 PM
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    Can't argue with your logic. To each his own and you will move on when you are ready. BTW the 9900 is still a great phone.
    03-09-13 12:07 PM

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