View Poll Results: Did your Bold 9700 come with a defect(s) out of the box?

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  • Yes, and it's an AT&T 9700

    4 5.97%
  • Yes, but its not an AT&T 9700

    14 20.90%
  • None, and it's an AT&T 9700

    18 26.87%
  • None

    31 46.27%
06-08-10 01:05 PM
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  1. BBStylo33's Avatar
    After my 6th, going on 7th 9700 in less than two weeks, I'm starting to think its not just a coincidence I have been getting defective phones. I'm not sure if its just the AT&T ones, or 9700's in general. Thanks to all of you guys for participating in advance, I truly appreciate it.
    06-05-10 02:59 AM
  2. anothernick's Avatar
    Yes! When I first just mine, at the end of the day the letter 'B' wasn't functioning as it should. So I exchanged it the next day and no more problem after that. TMO

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    06-05-10 03:31 AM
  3. westla7's Avatar
    Replaced 4, returned 5th. All well within 30 days. Trackpad issues 3 times, software issues once and freaking bad case and keyboard once. RIM is crapping on their loyal customers. ;-(

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    06-05-10 05:27 PM
  4. vanesserstation's Avatar
    Im on my first its been a rock since day one. No problems or lags.

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    06-05-10 05:32 PM
  5. BBStylo33's Avatar
    Went back to AT&T today to exchange for yet, another new device. It took 5 more devices, bringing the total to 12 before we found one that appeared good. IT already has reset itself for no apparent reason. This will be going back when I return from my travels this weekend. UN REAL!

    PS.... A store manager told me that for some reason the 9700's have been brought back frequently for poor quality construction. Can it be China's quality control, or just new BB parts?
    06-05-10 06:43 PM
  6. Jiggavel's Avatar
    Im on my first its been a rock since day one. No problems or lags.

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    Same here! Glad to see someone else is satisfied I'm tired of everybody complaing about the 9700! Its a great phone learn to love it!

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    06-05-10 07:23 PM
  7. trtmazda3's Avatar
    First one had a terribly leaning trackpad. It was leaning to the left, and after a few months it just all but gave out. Everytime I clicked on it, there was a massive crunching feeling and an awful sound. I returned it and got a refurb, which I have no. The refurb has a few defects as well. The lower "chin" piece with the AT&T logo is loose, and there is a gap between the top of the screen and the upper part of the phone that says "BlackBerry." Also, the battery door leaves quite a gap on the left side, even when installed correctly. :/
    06-05-10 08:33 PM
  8. thejgeffect's Avatar
    I have a CANADA1 9700 and have had no problems at all. I wonder if where the unit was made has anything to do with quality... I know some wondered this with the 9000.
    06-05-10 08:41 PM
  9. habs_fan's Avatar
    I'm on my first 9700, I've hade it since it first came out, and I'm loving it as well

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    06-05-10 09:49 PM
  10. CDG's Avatar
    I'm on my first 9700, I've hade it since it first came out, and I'm loving it as well

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    Same here!

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    06-05-10 09:52 PM
  11. dagda1's Avatar
    No problems with mine. Got it in January and it was solid from day one.
    Running 9700/ ATT

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    06-05-10 10:19 PM
  12. Newfangled Gizmo's Avatar
    My T-Mobile 9700 came out of the box in fine form. Happy to say it feels solid and works like a charm.
    06-05-10 10:39 PM
  13. pilsbury's Avatar
    Im on my first its been a rock since day one. No problems or lags.

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    same here, best Berry Ive owned (20+)
    06-05-10 10:44 PM
  14. joey1910's Avatar
    Still on my first one 4 months in as well as my dad and sister all on AT&T, I have no idea whats up with that man
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    06-05-10 11:38 PM
  15. jstarone's Avatar
    Got mine and the '"o" key didnt work at all, went back in and got another one, works great, no issues so far. Once or twice the sms app couldn't let me open a specific conversation, but restart fixed that and it hasn't done it for a couple days.
    06-05-10 11:52 PM
  16. BBStylo33's Avatar
    Went back to ATT today to only go through SEVEN, yes seven more Bold 9700's. The first six had broken buttons, or very leaning trackpad. The seventh one WAS fine, until an hour ago when it suddenly dropped to where the frame on the left is showing. UNREAL!! Looks like i'll be going back to AT&T tomorrow to exchange it for another one. Hopefully it will be fine for more than a day. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!

    I've NEVER had this problem, or any problem with any other BB device besides the 9700. Although it was much larger, the 9000 just felt stronger. I hate that when you press on the answer button on the 9700, if its closer to to the top, you see the screen affected.

    What's worse is that I'm not a pain in the *** with this stuff at all, I just really NEED a perfectly working phone for work. I've lost so much already because of not being able to use a BB... Luckily, most of you haven't had a problem ::knock on wood::
    06-06-10 12:06 AM
  17. thejgeffect's Avatar

    06-06-10 01:19 AM
  18. Rootbrian's Avatar
    My first one started deleting the partition off my 1GB memory card during the use of recording video clips. It also kept freezing up for 10 seconds at a time during calls, where the keypad wouldn't work when it was needed. The thing kept locking up, sometimes calls never even came through and only voicemail. When I typed, it would input universal characters instead of any normal typing at random.

    Now this is my second one and, for one, it's been pretty solid since then, up to now, it's good. Only problem is the 5 second period where the device's keypad will act like it's been disconnected from the board and NONE of the buttons function at all, this happens at random. Even the keypad will trigger the blackberry menu to appear at random. OH THIS IS SO ANNOYING!!!

    Now if RIM didn't make it that all of their phones were ****ed in a way, everybody would be happy.

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    06-06-10 01:39 AM
  19. BBStylo33's Avatar
    Does anyone have any real word on the 9700 ver2 that's rumored to have 512mb memory,5megapxil camra, and run 6.0 OS?

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    06-06-10 02:25 AM
  20. nuangel2's Avatar
    i gt my att 9700 nov 2009 .mine has been perfect from day 1 .no probems at all.
    06-06-10 02:33 AM
  21. Rootbrian's Avatar
    No clue as to when it will be released or leaked with photos.

    For one, it won't be OS 6 like they say, it's really OS 5.1 if you consider it. Skipping version numbers is lame.

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    06-06-10 02:41 AM
  22. BBStylo33's Avatar
    Going back for #14 to tomorrow. The current one is made in Canada, not Mexico like all the rest, and has the followng defects:

    -trackpad lean forward & left
    -sunken trackpad
    -broken lock button
    -broken mute button

    after doing 2 weeks of research, here's whAt I discovered:

    Most are made in Mexico, then Hungary, and least in Canada

    Canadian models have least problems

    Trackpad feels bad and has problems on 9700 as it sits on a pedestal, which is why it's wobbley, and leans. Also there's a ribbon connector that induces the lean. as it was intended for a trackball, but was given a pad at the last minute. The new curves with a trackpad have an entire housing, which makes it stable.

    Literally 9/10 9700 owners have problems. RIM needs to do something. If they indeed do release a 9700 version 2, I pray it has a trackpad housing.

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    06-07-10 05:17 AM
  23. shalagin's Avatar
    Ask for a made in Hungary one. Had my 9000 BOLD for 2 years and dropped it thousands of times, water in it, still rock solid. 3 of my friends have a 9700 and 2 of them are from hungary and 1 from Mexico. The guys who have theirs from Hungary have no problems whatsoever, the other one had to go through 3 before he got one from Hungary and he has been fine ever since.
    06-07-10 05:28 AM
  24. greggebhardt's Avatar
    Perfect AT&T 9700 out of the box.
    06-07-10 06:03 AM
  25. wnm's Avatar
    Just got to TMO 9700's. Perfect out of the box.
    06-07-10 06:54 AM
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