03-01-13 08:46 PM
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  1. 1TIME's Avatar
    The Bold 9900 is the best all around phone ever minus the crappy battery. I wish they released an updated version of this phone with a better battery and a bit more OS power.
    02-22-13 01:08 AM
  2. Cap_172R's Avatar
    Love the 9900.. my favorite Bold. Wouldn't mind picking up another one again. Mine's pretty beat up now, fell down soo many times and no serious damage (compared to my Note, fell knee height and the screen cracked). 9900 and my PB was perfect combo! So, get a PB now and you'll be all set!
    02-22-13 01:15 AM
  3. nnazery's Avatar
    Yes! I want that phone
    03-01-13 06:46 PM
  4. PALeafs67's Avatar
    I`ve had so many berries i`m getting full lol...my longest lasting berry was the curve 9360 which i still have stored as well as my 9780...but i cant get over why i did not switch sooner to the 9900.well one thing did stop me the cost a few months ago was ridiculous but thanks to Z10 that brought the price of the 9900 down a lot and very fast..LOVE MY BB9900
    03-01-13 07:14 PM
  5. k-fos's Avatar
    I got a 9790 in November. I kinda hoped to hold out on upgrading until bb10 was released but my pearl 3g kinda bit the dust. I really don't regret the purchase. Os7 is a product that is quite polished with years of refinement. There are plenty of well performing apps that actually help you get things done. Like others have said.. When I want to play games or watch video, I'll pick up my playbook or flip on the tv. Looking down my homewcreen, I see a solid twitter and Facebook app, Facebook messenger, blackberry maps, traffic, wordpress, nobex radio, photo studio pro, ... A couple music streaming apps, poynt, cineplex... this is a fairly well equipped device for mobile lifestyle. I don't know about you, but I'm a parent and a small business owner. I have a busy life. BlackBerry devices help me manage, organize and communicate. Personally I love the design of os7 devices as well. I think you made a good choice. I know I did.
    03-01-13 07:37 PM
  6. wxmancanada's Avatar
    I've got a Z10 and Galaxy S3 right now - but I've been craving my 9900 every single day I've been without it. Coming from a guy who buys the latest and greatest tech, I'd say you've got a winner!
    03-01-13 08:46 PM
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