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    OK, maybe not the easiest title to udnerstand but let me try to explain.

    I do a lot of international calling and I have a calling card number I call in order to process the call. The order the calling card system wants is:

    1. 800-Access Number
    2. Number I am calling
    3. Calling Card Code

    Is there a way in the Bold to dial the 800-Access Number from my contact list? Then, when the 800 system answers, select the Number I Am Calling from my contact list? And then finally my Calling Card Code from my contact list?

    Basically, select three contact list entries in the same outbound call. Any ideas? I would prefer to not have to go through all my internation contact entries and create one long "string" using pauses, etc in order to process the call.

    07-12-09 12:47 PM
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    Why don't you write down the numbers down? And write down the access code wile your at it.

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    07-12-09 01:12 PM
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    not easily (that i can think of). you could save all of the info as separate contacts, dial the number, then do a join call and add a contact (the next number), join again, etc. seems to me it would be easier to add one contact with the pauses, etc.
    07-12-09 03:43 PM
  4. BrindawithanI's Avatar
    I just tried it using my office voice mail number, my extension, and my password. I used pauses between each number sequence and it worked but was a little too quick for our system. I might try the "wait" to see if it works better. You just need to edit the number you dial first and access your bb menu button and you will see "add pause" or "add wait".

    Just tried adding "waits". The only difference is it prompts you (on screen) to press the trackball to start the next sequence of numbers. Pretty slick! Thanks for asking the question so I could learn something new!

    Add your calling card as a contact and after the number, add a "pause" or a "wait" (from your bb menu button)type the next number in the series(W/P) and so on.

    Hopefully that made sense? If not, let me know and I'll try to help you.

    Play around with it and see which works best.

    Otherwise, I found this app for US$9.99

    Calling Card Dialer -- Free Trial Version BlackBerry Dialer, BlackBerry Google Voice Dialer, Callback Dialer, Prefix Dialer
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