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    Hi, I wonder if you can help?

    I have a factory unlocked BB Bold 9780 which has 6.0 Bundle 1306 (v6.0.0.359, Platform When Iíve connected the device to the desktop software, it tells me thereís an update available which is 6.0 Bundle 2647 (v6.0.0.600. Platform

    Question 1: Should I proceed with the update? So, far my BB seems fine although it doesnít have the social feeds app. I am concerned about updating to something that might be buggy.

    Question 2: How do I get a back up of my current software version if this update doesnít work out and I want to revert to the original?

    Question 3: What alternative updates are available out there? Can you provide links with instructions, please? Iím new to the world of BB and the thought of updating seems quite daunting right now.

    Many thanks
    07-18-11 05:31 PM
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    Welcome to the forums.

    Q1: .600 is so far the best release yet.

    Q2: You can download .359 from a number of carriers around the world. Here is one: https://swdownloads.blackberry.com/D...B5072C3D49BD0F

    Q3: Alternatives like what? .600 is also the most recent release. You could try hybrids (OS releases created by users by mixing files from various other releases) or leakes (again .600 is the latest version). For more info, check the 101 link on my signature, perfect place to get acclimated.
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    07-18-11 06:34 PM
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    Thank you very much diegonei, that worked a treat and it was so easy to do!

    Very much appreciated
    07-22-11 09:11 AM