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    Before I ask for assistance, I am requesting that only those that can help reply and anyone with less than helpful sarcastic comments refrain from doing so.

    I have been through all the menus and settings. When the device sound profile is Normal, Medium or Loud, there is no ringtone even though the profile has ring and vibrate selected. When selecting the Media/Ringtones/, and selecting "Activate Handset", I can hear the ringtone. When using Pandora, I have toggled the volume to its highest setting and still no sound. After calling AT&T, they are recommending warranty or insurance replacement.

    Is anyone else having this issue?
    06-26-10 04:06 PM
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    This issue also occurs when I try to watch movies on the device.
    06-26-10 04:07 PM
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    The speakerphone also does not work anymore. There has been no external or internal damage. Could it be a virus?
    06-26-10 05:19 PM
  4. jcp007's Avatar
    Could someone please help with this issue? I am trying to avoid the hassle of replacing my device.
    06-26-10 05:49 PM
  5. mooda's Avatar
    have you tried going into the edit profiles menu maybe they are set to silent for som reason
    06-26-10 06:03 PM
  6. jcp007's Avatar
    Checked all profiles. Play sound option on all are "On".
    06-26-10 06:13 PM
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    I would really appreciate more feedback and help before calling to get a replacement device.
    06-26-10 07:03 PM
  8. mooda's Avatar
    if your not getting any sound out of the phone's speaker then it probably is defective an needs replacing i had my bold about 7 months b4 i had to get a new 1 due to speaker issues
    06-27-10 12:43 AM
  9. dictoresno's Avatar
    sounds like a defective speaker to me. try reloading the OS first and see if that helps. if not, do as told. you can also test the speaker to see if its defective.

    options > status then type the word TEST. start the test, only check the box for "handset audio". the phone will play 5 tones that cycle when you click a button. 400 Hz, 630 Hz, 1000 Hz, 1600 Hz and 3000 Hz will be tested. if you dont hear these tones from your speaker, its defective. if you do, i would say its likely a software issue and not a hardware one. reload the OS and see of the problem exists.

    and bumping your thread every 30 mins wont get someone to respond faster, not to mention against forum rules.
    06-27-10 01:59 AM
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    Did the testing and the speakerphone failed. How Is the OS related to the issue when the most current AT&T has been running since its release and I have had no issues until now?

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    06-27-10 09:40 AM
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    I misspoke earlier. I did not realize that AT&T had release OS .602. I will try that and see if that solves the issue.
    06-27-10 10:03 AM
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    Upgrading to OS .602 did not help. A trouble-shooting suggestion from AT&T warranty did work. I pressed the area immediately below the ear speaker and above the screen. This worked. Hopefully, this is a permanent fix.
    06-27-10 12:05 PM