1. mw888's Avatar
    CB Masters,

    So many comments being made on the need to delete some unused applications to boost memory. CrackMem seems to be a popular tool within CB community although I must admit I have never used this before.

    A friend even thought me how to delete the files manually to take out some unused files like VVM, demo videos, default wallpapers, BB Maps etc. Some 15-20MB savings, he claimed.

    Am running basic stuff with minimum third party programs. Yahoo and Gmail, plus BBM (with some 120 contacts or so, no BBM Groups). Browsing from time to time - regularly clean the cache. The most I have: 2 or 3 third party themes. English as default language. Memory is stable at around 112MB level (running stock .330 OS)

    The questions:

    - Would additional 15-20MB savings (from such deletions) make a real difference in performance? Reduce 'hourglass' issue perhaps?

    - Real benefit, or we just like to see "bigger" memory in our unit? Not sure if I can use the term "placebo" here.

    Obviously I have never deleted such files before so would not know the impact. Please can you share your throughts and experience.

    Many thanks
    05-27-10 06:58 AM
  2. sedalia066's Avatar
    With the 9700 and some other recent models there is plenty of application memory to keep the device up and running just fine without all those memory tweaks. For those of us with other models like my 9000 there can be concerns and some other models have real trouble.

    So long as you have adequate memory (likely as little as 10mb or so) the performance will be fine. Most people with the 9700 run well up near a 100mb or so without any effort on the owner's part.

    For some of us tweaking is as much a part of the BB experience as any piece of owning a fine phone. New OS, more memory, specific apps, all are part of the deal. Tweak away if your heart runs that way. In any even enjoy that fine phone.
    05-27-10 08:23 AM