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    I ran out of device memory when taking pictures. Under Media / Memory Use / Details, I found a whack of items under 'Ring Tones' - tunred out to be old phone messages - so I was able to easily delete them.

    But I note that 18% of my available 32MB device memory goiing to Other, ie 6MB. Is this something I can free up or is it a fixed amount allocated with no user control?

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    07-25-11 11:13 AM
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    I have to ask you, do you use a memory card at all? You wouldn't run into this problem if you had one. There is a utility called "BeamExplorer" in app world and another titled "FileScoutPro/Lite". it can allow you to delete garbage files. I still strongly encourage you to invest in a memory card, in the case your blackberry gets water damage or physical damage to the point of never turning on again. That way, photos can be recovered by removing the card.

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    No memory card.

    No ability to download apps ( its a enterprise supported device).

    Was hoping there was a simple way to get to whatever contitutes "Other". I guess I will just leave it be.

    I may indeed get a memeory card ... if I am allowed
    07-25-11 06:52 PM