1. Stoatgobbler's Avatar
    Hi, I'm new here so please be gentle with me.

    I've 2 BB9720's, one an old work one and one a £5 EBay purchase, both are unlocked but both have old IT Policies on them. I'm wanting to remove these policies and I believe I do this via Desktop Manager. I've downloaded Desktop Manager 710_b042 Multilangauge from Blackberry but on loading it onto my laptop (a brand new one running Windows 10) and connecting either BB they both inform me it doesn't recognise it and tells me that I need to check I have an internet connection. On asking Desktop Manager to update itself it tells me it can't connect and I have verify my inernet connection. Does this old version of Desktop Manager work ok with Windows 10?

    I've tried removing it from my pc and reloading it and I've been loading it as "administrator".

    Any help would be appreciated, I do love the 9720.

    11-25-21 03:02 PM
  2. Lex24's Avatar
    This has nothing to do with Windows 10. The official version of Desktop Software simply does not support BB 9720. The solution was provided in Desktop Software subforum and also mentioned in BB 9720 subforum.

    The instructions are in the first post here:


    And the working link to the zip file (replacing the dead link in the post above) is in post #9 here:

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    12-29-21 07:24 PM
  3. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    If you still have an older PC laying around.... that might be the easier fix.

    But you need to hurry, as in a few days it's going to be a moot point.
    12-30-21 08:10 AM
  4. shmeeeel's Avatar
    I also love the 9720 and have been using it for almost 2 years.

    Have an old Windows 7 PC that works perfectly with the 9720.

    But I failed to get it to work on Windows 10 for months.

    This week I finally managed to get it to work!

    Lex24's solution worked for me!

    PM me for assistance.
    01-02-22 09:09 AM

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