1. RCJ28's Avatar
    Today I took my 9900 to T-Mobile on the off chance that they would still support it: BIS and all.

    I got a prepaid Pay-as-you-go SIM for $3 and added the data plan for $10 (I had read somewhere here that this would enable BIS/BlackBerry service). I figured I could handle $13 a month to have a Bold accompany my Key2 LE (which I love BUT the lack of a trackpad just really kills any chance of it being a productivity device. I need that trackpad for email management at the very least!).

    There was hope as I was getting set up and saw the checkbox for BlackBerry service on the associate's tablet. However, it wouldn't accept the IMEI as supported so I was told by the manager to just call in on the phone and have them override it.

    I called and the CSR took a few minutes to first figure out what a BlackBerry even was. I had to say it a dozen times in a dozen different ways until she figured it out. It reminded me of the time last year when I called AOL up and the CSR had no idea what dial-up internet service was before finally talking to his manager and telling me that service only exists for legacy customers.

    So the T-Mobile CSR finally figures it out, says she has activated and that I'm good to go. Just reboot the phone. She's ready to finish the call and all of a sudden she stops and says "wait" she can't associate the BlackBerry service with my phone after all. After being put on hold she apologizes that that service is no longer supported and bids me adieu.

    I know BIS is EOL'd for December, but are there any US carrier options left for my 9930 or my 9900?

    I may just have to use my Classic as my second phone.
    06-11-19 07:49 PM
  2. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    AFAIK, AT&T is the only US carrier that still supports BIS/BBOS for devices that were activated before last fall, but they won't activate non-LTE phones of any kind anymore, so you're out of luck.
    06-11-19 08:07 PM

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