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    Flagship: The finest, largest or most important one of a series, network or chain.

    This is the textbook definition of what that word means and I am curious if other people feel this title is justified in the Bold 99xx.

    I've always been impressed with how sturdy the Blackberry has been made and have also believed that what went into the phone was generally of a higher quality compared to other devices.

    It's no secret that I've been rather outspoken in the negative about RIM putting an EDOF camera in it's "Flagship" device and for that reason feel the title Flagship is a shibboleth - understand I'm not asking to re-hash that issue here.

    What I woluld like to know is what, if anything do you feel that the 99xx lacks that it should have had so that you could honestly say the 99xx is the flagship of RIM?

    So far my ONLY real beef with RIM was that it put a junk camera in the phone...
    ...Had this not happened I would have no problem calling the 99xx the flagship of RIM.
    ...And this is because I really like my 9650 aside from how slow it is and the browser.

    How do you feel about it?
    08-12-11 01:38 AM