1. rushmore40's Avatar
    I have just received my second Blackberry Bold 9930 from Sprint with a volume rocker that only works during a call. It also works as a zoom in camera mode but the mute button doesnt work at all and you can't change volume of ringer or notifications tones. I am hoping I am stupid because for RIM to have a bad bunch of these great phones deflates my love for this thing. Anybody else having this problem or can make me look like an *****?
    08-31-11 11:08 PM
  2. xxplosive82's Avatar
    The volume buttons on my 9930 were creeky and the mute button gave no feedback.
    09-01-11 12:38 AM
  3. Rootbrian's Avatar
    It might be a defective batch sprint received, or a majority of carrier's received. Whichever plant they came from, it could be that one responsible.

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    09-01-11 04:30 AM