1. shesontheverge's Avatar
    bold 9650 is my first ever blackberry but i think i might have a defect... can someone let me know?

    1.) battery dies within 4-5 hrs. (with med-heavy usage) i always close my apps, dimness is on 1.

    2.) the screen doesn't always light up when i'm using it.. meaning its dim and it'll randomly light up.

    3.) whenever someone calls me, the caller ID states the previous person who called me. example. joe called me an hour ago. jane is calling me now, joe's name will pop up first then it'll change to jane.

    do i have a defected phone????
    06-21-10 02:09 AM
  2. Joey4u615's Avatar
    i would wipe your operating system and reinstall. it sounds like a software issue.
    06-21-10 02:24 AM